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Ohio Steel Construction is a pre-engineered steel building supplier and contractor. More than just a building supplier we are a general contractor that only specializes in pre-engineered steel building projects.  If you only need the steel building system and nothing more, you can take advantage of the volume pricing we have established with our building manufacturers.  If your project requires more than just shipping the building system we can handle that as well, because we are a general contractor we can handle your project from conceptual design to final certificate of occupancy.  Pre-engineered steel building construction projects are very different from conventional building construction in many ways therefore requires a company and team that specializes in the industry. 
It seems today that more and more building suppliers and steel brokers are using the "buy quick, buy today" high pressure sales tactic. Here at Ohio Steel Construction we do not believe in high pressure sales tactics because your project is too important for us to use pressure to try to "make a quick sale". 
Please beware as some of the bottom feeding building suppliers and steel brokers are still using the horrible sales tactic of telling customers that they have a discounted building system that someone else had ordered and didn't pay for. Imagine your luck some else has just happen to order a building almost exactly the same size you are looking for, this building also has the exact same wind load, snow load, live load, exposure class, collateral load, seismic load, rain intensity rating needed for your location. And this building is offered as discount to you! This scenario almost sounds too good to be true right? The fact is this is just another sales tactic to get you to "buy quick, buy today" they will tell you have to buy now before the "special deal" is taken by someone else. Trust me your building project is way more important than getting caught up in that mess.
As a custom design build contractor, Ohio Steel Construction provides a wide array of structural systems including clear span rigid frame, constant depth, and tapered beams. Are buildings can be designed as gable or single slope roof systems. Crane support systems and mezzanines can also be included as part of the complete building package.
Your Ohio Steel Building can be designed to virtually any desired dimension to achieve the optimal design solution for your building requirements using state of the art manufacturing facilities. For more information explore our website
Ohio Steel Construction